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Interesting topic even more interesting is obivserng the reactions some teens have when it comes to child birth. At this age(teens), having a child should be the last thing on our minds, first before anything should be our education. I see teenage mothers/fathers or mothers/fathers-soon-to-be all the time walking the halls of VHS and I pity them. Either they purposely wanted a child for some bizarre reason or they made some bad choices when it came to contraception. Those are 2 types of teenage pregnancies, now here are the 2 types of teenage parent: either a ghettolicious hot mama and papa whom after high believe to live(mooch) off their parents and/or grandparents until the day they die or decide to contribute to society. Teen Parent number 2 is: the hopeful, ambitious, and smart student who dreams of doing something his/her life and yet one day decided to experiment with sex and ignorantly f%$^ed their lives up. In conclusion, if you are dumb enough to make such a decision such as unsafe sex then you don't need a parental chat you need a reality check, loser. ;]PS; thank you Beth for such a good topic.
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